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Height: 5'5''     |     Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black     |     Eye Color: Hazel     |     Union: ACTRA Apprentice

"I hope that people get a sense of what they are or can be out of my work. When you're pulled into a story you drop a bit of your social mask

Film & Television

Doc Season 1 | Actor | Fox Entertainment Studios & Sony Pictures Television

Clarice Season 1 | SSE | Paramount+CBS

St-Nickel | Actor | Unis TV

Close(d) | Lead | Laurentian University


Peter Pan, Mrs. Darling/The Storyteller | Panoply Collective

The Wolves, #2 | All the Hats Productions

Gunty and Dar, Shohanna | Filly Coast Theatre Collective

Blind Nickel Pig | Pat the Dog Theatre reading

Hay Fever, Sorel | Thorneloe Theatre Arts

Blood Relations, The Actress | Thorneloe Theatre Arts

The Conference of the Birds, Dove & Ensemble | Providence University, Taiwan with Thorneloe

The Dead Mess Project, Woman | Thorneloe Theatre Arts 

The Memory of Water, Mary | Thorneloe Theatre Arts

Cabaret, Lady #2 & Ensemble | Thorneloe Theatre Arts

The Great Gatsby, Mrs Michaelis | Denniston Entertainment


Pro Actors Lab | Techniques w David Rotenberg, General American Accent w Phyllis Cohen

Master of Arts, Drama, Theatre, Performance studies University of Toronto

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre Performance, Bilingual Cert. Laurentian University

Singing, soprano | Stephanie McKay-Turgeon

Ballet | Level 1 National Ballet School, Portia Wade

Pochinko Clown, Joey and Auguste, Bouffon, Dancing Clown | John Turner, Michael Kennard, Karen Hines, Grindl Kuchirka

RCM piano Grade 7

*Recipient of the R.H. and Eva P. Murray Departmental Scholarship in Theatre Arts and the Carolyn Fouriezos Prize in Fine Arts 


Accused season 1 | dir. Marlee Matlin

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